Speaking Credentials

Arun Gupta’s Speaking Credentials

Speaking Engagement City Topic Date
Tech Days, 2010 Hyderabad, India Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3: Paving the path for future, Using the latest Java Persistence API 2 Features, OSGi and Java EE in GlassFish, Java EE 6 Toolshow Mar 24/25, 2010
Ruby Conf India 2010 Bengaluru, India GlassFish can support multiple Ruby frameworks … really ? Mar 20/21, 2009
SparkIT 2010 Bengaluru, India Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3: Paving the path for the future, Improving Engineering Processes using Hudson, Getting Started with Rails on GlassFish (Hands-on Lab), Powering the Next Generation Services with Java Platform, Java EE 6 Toolshow Mar 18/19, 2009
JFall 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3: Paving the path for future Nov 11, 2009
FISL 10 (complete coverage) Brazil Creating quick and powerful web applications using GlassFish, MySQL, and NetBeans Jun 24-27, 2009
Eclipse Demo Camp Santa Clara, CA GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse Jun 17, 2009
MySQL Users Conference Santa Clara, CA GlassFish, MySQL, and NetBeans Apr 21, 2009
Dallas JUG Dallas, TX GlassFish Nov 12, 2008
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008 Los Gatos, CA GlassFish, Rails powered by GlassFish Nov 8, 2008
Ajax World West San Jose, CA Using Comet to Create a Two-Player Game Oct 20, 2008
Sun Tech Days Sao Paolo, Brazil GlassFish Sep 29, 2008
ES JUG Vitoria, Brazil GlassFish Sep 27, 2008
DF JUG, Taguatinga Brasilia, Brazil GlassFish Sep 24, 2008
DF JUG, Brasilia Brasilia, Brazil GlassFish Sep 23, 2008
Rails Conf Europe 2008 (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) Berlin, Germany Rails powered by GlassFish Sep 2-4, 2008
Berlin-Brandenberger JUG Berlin, Germany GlassFish Sep 3, 2008
Utah JUG Salt Lake City, UT GlassFish Jul 17, 2008
JavaOne 2008 San Francisco, CA JavaU
Bonus Evening Course on GlassFish
GlassFish Unconference
Scripting in GlassFish BoF
Building Rich Web Applications with jMaki Hands-on-Lab
Tic Tac Toe @ General Session Keynote
4-9, 2008
Ajax World New York (Day 1, Day 2) New York jMaki Webtop on GlassFish Mar 17-21, 2008
Developer Update Meetings St Louis GlassFish, Metro Mar 27, 2008
Developer Update Meetings Kansas City Mar 28, 2008
The Server Side Java Symposium Las Vegas Mar 25-26, 2008
SD West 2008 Santa Clara Mar 6, 2008
Sun Tech Days (Day 2, Talent Show, Day 1) Hyderabad, India
acts_as_conference (Day 1, Day 2) Orlando, Florida Feb 8-9, 2008
South Bay Ruby Meetup Mountain View, CA Jan 29, 2008
Web 2.0 Conference Santa Clara, CA Jan 29, 2008
Delhi University Delhi, India Dec 7, 2007
FOSS.IN Bangalore, India Packaging Java Apps for Ubuntu Dec 4, 2007
GlassFish Day Beijing, China Nov 3, 2007
Sun Tech Days (Day 1, Day2) Beijing, China Nov 1, 2, 2007
Silicon Valley Code Camp Los Altos, CA Sep 29. 2007
Mid West Java Tech Days Chicago Oct 18, 2007
Mid West Java Tech Days Minneapolis Oct 16, 2008
GlassFish Day Milan, Italy Sep 26, 2007
NetBeans Day Rome, Italy Sep 24, 2007
Mashup Camp Mountain View, CA Jul 16-19, 2007
JavaOne (Day 1 – part1, part 2, Day 2) San Francisco, CA Takes Two to Tango – Java and .NET interoperability
Technical Session Keynote Demo
May 8-9, 2007
The Server Side Java Symposium Las Vegas JAX-WS and WSIT Tangoing with .NET Mar 22, 2007
Park, CA
26, 2007
Sun Tech Days Atlanta WSIT and Web 2.0 Jan 16-17, 2007
JavaOne San Francisco, CA Making Java™ Technology-Based/.NET Web Services Interoperability Real
Technical Session Keynote Demo
May 2006
JavaOne San Francisco, CA May 2005
JavaOne San Francisco, CA May 2004
JavaOne San Francisco, CA May 2003
JavaOne San Francisco, CA May 2002
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2 Responses to Speaking Credentials

  1. Markus Karg says:


    I wonder why you didn’t list JavaLand in the table above.

    Glad to meet you there. If you need a German translator to attend your hacking session on Java EE 7, just tell me.

    -Markus (JSR 339 EG Member)

  2. arungupta says:


    As you can see the page has not been updated since 2010. And moreover JavaLand is still not done yet :)

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