Java EE 7 Essentials

This book provides a code-intensive overview of the key specifications in the Java EE 7 platform (one specification per chapter). The main concepts from the different specifications are explained using simple code samples. All the associated code is available on github.

A significant part of this book is derived from my Java EE 6 Pocket Guide. New chapters have been added to cover all the new technologies in the platform – WebSocket 1.0, Batch 1.0, JSON-P 1.0, and Concurrency 1.0. New sections have been added or existing sections updated to reflect the changes in the platform. If you have read the Java EE 6 Pocket Guide, then you can read this book at a much faster pace; otherwise, you can read this book from beginning to end. Alternatively, you can read specific chapters based upon your interest

javaee7-book-cover.png Java EE 7 Essentials Chinese  javaee7-essentials-russian
Release Date: Aug 2013
Language: English
Pages: 362
Print ISBN: 978-1-4493-7017-6 | ISBN 10:1-4493-7017-9
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4493-7016-9 | ISBN 10:1-4493-7016-0

The book is available in Paperback and Kindle Edition from the following websites:

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4 thoughts on “Java EE 7 Essentials

  1. Hello Aron,
    In your example of batch processing, you’re annotating the reader,processor,writer with @Named, to make it a CDI bean. But when I leave out the annotation, and put the full package+class name in the job.xml, it also works. (glassfish 4.0)
    What is the benefit of making those classes CDI beans ? It looks like it is not mandatory.


  2. Dear Arun
    I bought the eBook from Amazon. I have two points –
    1. The eBook format is very misformat at multiple places.
    2. Book is very concise at many topics, which makes complex to understand.

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