Docker Captain headshots, April 2017. Arun Gupta (Amazon Web Services). Photo by Alabastro Photography.




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9 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Hi Arun,

    I just discovered you on twitter which lead me to this blog of yours. I haven’t read it yet, but I was intrigued by your picture with the mountains in the background.

    So I just have one question: what is that place?



  2. Hi Sunny,

    This photograph was taken at the summit of Mt Whitney at 14.4k feet. The background mountains are Sierra Nevada range.


  3. Hi Arun,

    I am a junior Java developer in South Africa. I came across your blog while learning about JBOSS and WildFly.

    I would really like to travel the world, but I am not sure how a developer with a 9 to 5 would do that. So seeing your photo of you chilling by the mountain is very inspiring. Do you have any advice for me, please?

    Regards, Jack.

  4. Just happened to watch your micro-services talk, awesome you are a great teacher , i will regularly follow your blog from now.

    Venu Chicago

  5. Hi Arun,

    I just viewed your presentation on youtube –“Docker Swarm or Kubernetes or Mesos – pick your framework! by Arun Gupta”. This presentation has been very informative and does help me with a survey paper that I am writing for my final project–“recent developments on Virtual Machine and Container”

    I need to give a presentation on this topic in a couple of days and had a question on this one.

    Could you please let us know when to choose Kubernetes over Docker Swarm?

    It would be of great help if you can help me with this answer.


  6. Hi Arun,

    Hope you are well. I am a product manager at Illumio.

    I was wondering if you would be available to speak to the Illumio engineering staff, as part of our “Lunch & Learn” talks? The topic could be any general technical talk on containers/container-orchestration/state-of-container-industry topic.

    Please let me know when you get a chance.


  7. Hi I am a great developer but gay. Do you have any tips for gay developers?

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