Devoxx4Kids is a worldwide initiative that introduces programming, robotics, engineering to kids at an early age. This is achieved by organizing events where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics. This effort won Duke’s Choice Awards at JavaOne 2013.

Devoxx4Kids USA is a NPO and 501 C(3) organization that brings this effort to the USA. San Francisco Bay Area chapter started in Dec 2013 and has conducted multiple workshops on Minecraft Modding, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Scratch, Python, iOS Programming, and variety of other topics.

More details about the workshop can be seen at:

More details about Devoxx4Kids USA are at

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6 thoughts on “Devoxx4Kids

  1. Hi Arun,
    My name is Mike Bedney and I saw you speak to New Relic in Portland Oregon on Devoxx4kids.
    I have continued to engage with the new chapter.

    I don’t know if you’d remember but I was the high school math teacher at an all girls school (St. Mary’s Academy). Our new tech club was interested in purchasing arduino boards and you mentioned that you had access to discounted prices.

    The leaders of the club (who have a bit of experience with them) identified this as what we should get:

    I’d like to order 4 so that two of them can be checked out and taken home.
    Is the offer of a discount still good? Would it apply to the link above? Do you have suggestions on what would make a better purchase (& why)?
    Thanks for any insights you can share,

  2. Hi Arun,
    Great initiaive
    Would like to organise one in Bangalore


  3. Whoa! This game made a strong impression to me, truly. I’m going to bring this cool game for my little child to play. I think that it’s useful for him and guide him lots of things to learn. Thanks for sharing, Arun!

  4. Hi Arun ,
    very nice artcle for understand
    JEWEbserver2.1+ReverseProxy with apachehttpd (come with jEWS2.1) setup steps
    JEAP6.4+ Apache2.3 or 2.4 LB clustering we are trying to setup on our environment ,pls guide me ,is it good or bad selection for implement also + and – also share me

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