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7 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Hi Arun – We hosting our annual I Code Java Conference in Johannesburg 20-21st July. Would you be interested in presenting a talk at our event? Regards Theo

  2. URL for the Books Kubernetes for Java Java Developers & Docker for Java Developers are redirect to same Link ????


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  4. Thanks to these books
    – get acquainted with the latest version of the Java EE platform;
    – explore and learn how to use the EJB and JPA APIs — from entity components, session components to message-driven components, and more;
    – Discover the API for web-level development, in particular JSF, Facelet and Expression Language;
    – Learn how to handle the SOAP and RESTful web services, as well as other services available in the latest version of Java EE.
    – Learn how to create dynamic user interfaces for enterprise and transactional Java applications.
    I was at a Vegas conference on this literature. Very pleased. I advise you to go and see everything live. Read more here . Thanks.

  5. Good job on all the books you’ve written. Thanks for being a contributor of all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years.

  6. Reading book is one of the most important habits of any human being. Reading tells you stories.

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