DevNation Banners and Blog Badges

Are you using and contributing to open source ?

Are you a polyglot developer and using any of the following languages ?

java-logo javascript-logo groovy-logoscala-logopython-logoceylon-logo

Or any other language ?

Are you using any of the following technologies ?

iot-logo hadoop-logo camel-logovertx-logo jquery-logoovirt-logo osgi-logomongodb-logo javaee-logo


or something else ?

Would you like to learn from speakers from the following companies ?

eclipse-logo twitter-logo facebook-logo square-logogoogle-logonetflix-logo redhat-logo

and many more …

Then you need to sign up for DevNation – an open source polyglot conference.

Dates: April 13-17, 2014
Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Register now!

There are also hands-on labs, hackathons, Internet-of-Things themed contests, and a lot more. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with key speakers at Developer Lounge.

And if you are looking for a banner to advertise the conference on your blog and website then a complete set is available here. And some are included here:






Don’t miss out the opportunity and register now! Early bird ends on Mar 14.

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