Devoxx Belgium 2017 – Submit Talks for Cloud, Containers and Infrastructure Track

Devoxx Belgium is the one of the finest developer conferences in Europe. This year it’s running from Nov 6-10 in Antwerp, Belgium. I certainly have the privilege of being involved with the conference for a several years now.


What are some of the cool things about this conference?

  • Rock star speakers from around the world with 3 hrs Deep Dive sessions, Conference Session, Birds of Feather, Hands-on Lab, Ignite, Quickie and of course an inspiring opening and closing keynote.
  • Pioneers of theater-style seating – This not only provides comfortable seating
    for each attendee but the screens are very clearly visible to everybody in the room.
  • All talks recorded and released on youtube.
  • No need to pre-register for a session, just show up and watch. If you miss it, then just watch the replay on youtube later.
  • Community votes on whiteboard – Attendees gets a chance to vote on topics ranging from their favorite non-Java language, operating system, or anything you like.
  • Thursday night movie
  • Fries with mayo
  • Belgian beer and chocolates
  • We are called Devoxxians!

I’m sure there are other cool things that can be said :)

Conference’s Call for Papers (called as Call for Passion) is running. There are multiple tracks:

  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure
  • Mind the Geek
  • Java Language
  • Programming Languages
  • Methodology & Culture
  • Mobile & IOT
  • Architecture & Security
  • Server-side Java
  • Modern Web

Descriptions for each track is explained at

I’m helping with the Cloud, Containers and Infrastructure track. Here are some suggested topics that we are looking in that track:

  • FaaS + Serverless (101, 201, 301, debugging dev/test, different cloud providers)
  • Serverless in Production (ideally from a customer, different cloud providers)
  • Latest deep dive on Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, DC/OS
  • Setting up container pipeline using Chef/Puppet/Salt/Ansible
  • Continuous Delivery of Microservices using Containers
  • Microservices using Netflix OSS
  • Docker and Java (cores, memory, packaging, base image etc)
  • gRPC
  • Service discovery in microservices (different approaches, w/ and w/o containers –
  • Prometheus, NewRelic, DataDog, Weave, etc)
  • Monitoring containers in production
  • Migrating from VMs to Containers
  • Design patterns and Anti-patterns
  • Gotchas, Tips & Tricks for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other providers
  • Any other topic that you feel is relevant

Make the job of the program committee extremely difficult. CFP ends Jul 7.

Submit your passion today!

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