Ceylon JUG Tour 2014 Summary

Gavin King and Stéphane Épardaud talked about Ceylon in some of the Java User Groups in the East Coast of USA the past month. Knowing both the speakers, the feedback from different JUGs is not surprising:

The presentation was great – best introduction to a new language. Gavin made a great case for Ceylon.

The attendees stuck around until 9:30 asking questions (except for 1 or 2 people). The meeting was a success – especially for a new language.

The language looks very exciting – the cross-VM support is especially interesting. Gavin did an excellent job of showing the benefit of Ceylon versus Java and during the Q&A of discussing it in relation to Scala.

I think the talk went well.  Gavin did a great job at presenting some of problems Ceylon tries to solve. I really appreciated his walk through of the type system.  There were between 30 and 40 people there and there was also some good QnA about the platform. There was interest about Ceylon on Android and also the state of the tooling, debugging, etc.

Thank you for your great presentations and for visiting our JUG.  It was definitely one of the best technical presentations I’ve seen.

And some feedback received on twitter:

Ryan Cuprak (@rcuprak) highlighted their visit to Connecticut JUG and couple of points seem to come out strong:

Ceylon looks to be a significant leap forward

I would prefer it over JavaScript any day of the week. Ceylon also looks more approachable than Scala

We are planning JUG tours in other parts of the world, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, would you be interested in a G+ hangout for your JUG by these two wonderful speakers ?

Have you tried Ceylon recently ? Try Ceylon compiler, IDE, and SDK.


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