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New Gig at Couchbase

Seems like my departure from Red Hat surprised a lot of people, at least that seems to be the primary reaction on twitter:

So what is my new gig?

I run the Developer Advocacy team at Couchbase.couchbase-logo

Couchbase is an open-source, NoSQL, document-oriented database that can be used both as a document database that stores JSON documents or a pure key-value database.

Read Why NoSQL to learn more about how Digital Transformation is necessitating the need of NoSQL in this economy.

Read Couchbase Customer Case Studies to learn more about who is using our product.

Some of the feedback on me joining Couchbase is very encouraging:




Developer Advocacy Team at Couchbase

Here are the team members:

  Laura Czajkowski (@Czajkowski, blog)
 Laurent Doguin (@ldoguin, blog)
 James Nocentini (@jamiltz, blog)
 Martin Esmann (@martinesmann, blog)
 Matthew Revell (@matthewrevell, blog)
 Nic Raboy (@nraboy, blog)
 William Hoang (@sweetiewill, blog)

Feel free to ping any of them, including myself, to learn any aspect of Couchbase!

What is Developer Advocacy at Couchbase?

This team is responsible for making sure developers know all the cool features of Couchbase and can use them effectively. These could be developers who have never heard of Couchbase or may be power users and have a very specific need – we cater to all of them. The team is equipped to handle all your needs!

How do we do that?

  • Try the latest releases and create demos, samples and presentations explaining different features in simple terms
  • Prepare hands-on lab / workshops and deliver them
  • Speak at different events around the world
  • Write blogs and engage on social media (Twitter, Forums, etc)
  • We are all geeks at heart and like playing with technology

All our latest content is at

Couchbase and You

When is Couchbase relevant for you?

  • Are you building applications that use Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, Big Data, and/or IoT? Couchbase is for you!
  • Do you want the ability to query JSON documents stored in your database using declarative query language?
  • Do you want multi-dimensional scaling?
  • Do you want to scale from a single node to hundreds of NoSQL nodes, very easily?
  • Cross data center replication?
  • Secure, reliable, powerful, available NoSQL datastore
  • Java EE, Spring, Spring, Hadoop, ForestDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, PhoneGap, ElasticSearch, RxJava, and several other frameworks.

If you are using or interested in any of the areas mentioned above, then Couchbase is for you!

Does your Java, Node.js, .NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, C, Go, Mobile, Big Data, NoSQL, or any other User Group would like to learn how to use Couchbase for solving your NoSQL needs?

We are here to serve, and look forward to talk to you!

Latest releases are available at Couchbase Download Page.

Subsequent blogs will provide details on how to get started with Couchbase and much more to simplify your journey in the NoSQL land!

The new gig also changes the version of this blog to 3.0. Looking forward to hearing what would you like to know about Couchbase.

Au Revoir Red Hat

This Friday (Sep 18, 2015) is my last day at Red Hat!

I’ve throughly enjoyed my time here and always thought of myself working at Red Hat for a very long term. This change is not a reflection on Red Hat in any sense, but as a German philosopher said:

Change alone is eternal, perpetual, and immortal

Arthur Schopenhauer

I was fortunate to be involved with several projects at Red Hat. Some of them are WildFly, WildFly Swarm, Arquillian, JBoss Forge, Docker, Kubernetes, xPaaS, Eclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, NetBeans, Hibernate OGM, Camel, APIMan, Fabric8, Infinispan, Keycloak, Windup, Ceylon, Vert.x, Cordova, AeroGear, OpenShift, CI/CD, Microservices, and a whole lot more.

Make sure to subscribe to JBoss Weekly and @jbossdeveloper for latest updates about JBoss or to @rhdevelopers to learn all about Red Hat Developers.

A complete list of all the JBoss Middleware projects can be found at

Over all …

  • Authored ~250 blog posts covering different topics
  • Met and worked with some top notch developers in open source
  • Learned how business is built around open source
  • Spoke at multiple events around the world
  • Happily lived the collaborative Red Hat culture
  • Had lots of fun

I still feel surprised that my stay at Red Hat lasted only < 2 years. But seems like they knew about this move and already printed an expiry date on the badge 😉

Red Hat Badge

Newer badges don’t seem to have an expiry date so that leaves recently joined employees a better chance of sticking around 😉

Red Hat is very well positioned to lead the Java EE Application Server market with their innovative WildFly and JBoss EAP. They have built the a great PaaS platform with Docker and Kubernetes as the basis. They’ve the right mindset and developers love them, and they are executing well. $RHT has gone from ~$43 to $70 since I joined.

The market is all theirs to capture and I wish them good luck.

A very heartfelt thanks to Red Hat for giving the opportunity to work at the best open source company in the world. You should seriously check out!

I’m an athlete and truly believe that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So here, once again, I’m shocking myself and venturing into a new world.

So, what’s going to be my next adventure?

Without giving away too much, I can say that I’ll be sitting comfortably on a … stay tuned!

May the Open Source be with you!