Docker-native CI/CD with Codeship Webinar – Part 1


Laura (@rhein_wein) and I are Docker Captains. This means we demonstrate a commitment to sharing our Docker knowledge with others. Amongst other languages, she talks Ruby and Postgres and I talk Java and Couchbase. But we talk to each other using the common language of Docker!

This multi-part interactive webinar will teach you how to build a Docker-native CI/CD pipeline using Codeship. This series will be using the application used for Docker for Java Developers workshop, which in turn uses WildFly and Couchbase.

Codescodeship-logohip is a Docker-native SaaS platform for creating your CI/CD pipelines. SaaS means that you don’t need to manage setting up CI/CD server and workers. It allows to existing Dockerfiles and images on any registry and enjoy full customizability for their dev environments. Learn more at Codeship Docs.

Wildfly_logo WildFly is a Java EE 7 compliant application server that allows you to build amazing web applications. A light memory footprint, a blazing fast startup and customizable runtimes makes it an ideal candidate for deploying in the Cloud. Powerful administration features, intuitive web console and REST API makes it a breeze for management.

Couchbase LogoCouchbase is an open-source NoSQL document database. It allows you to develop your applications with agility and operate at any scale. Agility comes with flexible schema, SQL-like query language, rich Web Console, REST API and CLI, a mobile-to-backend solution and much more. Unlike a master/slave architecture, Couchbase scales linearly and can be deployed on a variety of clouds and on-prem.

Lets learn the basic concepts of Codeship in this introductory webinar:

What CI/CD platform do you use for building your deployment pipelines?

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