JBoss EAP gives 509% ROI over closed source application servers

A new study by IDC shows how Red Hat JBoss EAP customers are significantly benefitting over closed source commercial application servers:

JBoss EAP IDC 2015

The study says that a common paradigm with JBoss EAP customers three years ago …

There was uncertainty about whether JBoss EAP would scale as well as more expensive options and whether JBoss EAP was as feature rich, particularly for high-end projects. Those concerns prevented IT operations from going all in on a single software standard. Despite that, customers were pleased with the benefits they were able to achieve from their use of JBoss EAP, and customers were able to achieve an impressive return on investment by adopting this approach.

Sounds familiar?
Does your company still think like that?
Do the closed source vendors still give you that pitch?

The study shares how customers’ perspectives have changed over these years …

Today, we’ve found that JBoss EAP customers are more systematic in their use of JBoss EAP or OpenShift by Red Hat as the standard application server or cloud application platform within a standardized environment. Customers are no longer worried that JBoss EAP is not as sophisticated as more expensive alternatives and now believe it’s at performance parity with its competitors.

There are much more fundamental benefits for developing in open source:

One customer said that because JBoss EAP comes from open source, it is built from a lot of good ideas from the community and the internal design is architected to make it simpler to use than non-community-based alternatives.

That’s why we love Community Powered Innovation!

The cost benefit cannot be over emphasized anyway:

the cost benefit associated with JBoss EAP gave them an affordable opportunity to standardize, whereas they would have been too cost challenged using other options.

And the customers are saying:

We did a cost-benefit analysis. Many of our applications need a development platform for multiple environments … and if we compare JBoss EAP with other solutions … it’s a no-brainer. Night and day

Are customers using it for only new projects? Or migrating their existing mission critical projects to JBoss EAP as well?

Three years ago …

Then it was enough to begin using JBoss EAP for new projects.

And now …

we’ve found that customers made the decision to migrate production applications to the new environment in order to gain speed and compliance benefits from standardizing application operations and change management.

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