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Big Data and Beyond Webinar Series by Red Hat


Watch this 5-part webinar series and learn how to overcome challenges of big data, data bottlenecks, and data integration:

  • The 3 big problems with data and how to avoid them (Nov 5)
  • Slow data is a fast way to lose your best customers (Nov 12)
  • Integration intervention: get your apps and data up to speed (Nov 19)
  • Making good decisions? Want to? Data analytics is the key (Dec 2)
  • Don’t let Hadoop become a new data silo (Dec 9)

You’ll learn:

  • How to implement a data strategy and architecture
  • Successfully provide stellar data-rich user experiences while maintaining high enterprise performance and scalability
  • Quickly and easily create a virtual data services layer to plug data into your SOA infrastructure, allowing your entire solution to operate with agility and efficiency
  • Apply advanced business rules to virtualized data services
  • Identify and act upon important information that may otherwise be lost in a sea of big data
  • Make calling data from Hadoop as easy as any SQL data source
  • Seamlessly combine data from Hadoop-based systems with existing data silos
  • Deliver truly unified and actionable information to maximize return on data assets

Learn from the best in the industry on a topic critical to your business.

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