FREE JBoss Workshops in Boston and Washington DC – May 22

Interested in learning about JBoss Middleware technologies in Boston and Washington DC ?

Attend our FREE hands-on workshop to hear how the innovation and technical capabilities of Apache projects can help you reduce the time and complexity of integrating all facets of your business including devices, outlets, and partners, on premise or in the cloud.

Learn all about reliable messaging, A-MQ, JBoss Fuse, service orchestration using hands-on labs. Register here!


Attend this FREE hands-on technical workshop to learn how to reduce the time required to update applications, service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployments, and business processes with the latest business rules and policies.

Learn about Business Rules Management System and Complex Event Processing using hands-on lab. Register here!


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One thought on “FREE JBoss Workshops in Boston and Washington DC – May 22

  1. Hi Arun,

    I have seen your session on websocket over InfoQ. I have questions regarding persisting the peers onOpen connection in Set.

    do we required to persist peers in memory?
    can’t we have mechanism in websocket endpoint it can identify it self to communicate with the client?


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