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Why I love JUDCon India 2014!

JUDCon India 2014 got over a few days ago. One of the highlights of the conference was the “wall” where attendees could share their honest feedback about JUDCon. This venue was generally packed in between the sessions and turned out to be a colorful collage of post-its as seen in the picture below:

And here are some of the comments:

  • Judcon joins minds and heart with open source
  • Nice Oppurtunity to explore various technology and trends in JBOSS world and its community
  • I Love Judcon
  • Working with JBOSS is making me to love my work :-)
  • Loved it
  • Awesome!!! A great deal of information and exposure to what JBOSS can provide
  • Second time attending Judcon! It has always broaden my world of technical skills! Thanks JUDCON
  • Wild fly server is causing lots of heat. Its turning things up. Oh its so hot; I love to learn it
  • Good Exposure to latest technology
  • Excellent and Proud to be part of JUDCON
  • Its Awesome :-)
  • Love Java, Love Judcon
  • Judcon is the best
  • Food was good
  • It helps jump up development capabilities!!
  • Technologically motivating lively conference
  • Because its Inspiring, Fun, and filled with lots of new Surprises
  • Its fun over here, learn new things
  • Redhat is the sexiest technology service provide in this world. Love to be the 1st in the world
  • Shekar, Arun, Greg….. You guys really ROCK!
  • I am here this is 3rd time!!! The session are informative that is why I am here
  • Explore more about opensource & new technologies
  • If its ‘ON’ – its JUDCON, this is my first experience but I like this
  • Amazing lots of demo
  • It was Fun (across three post-its with a smiley)
  • Good one, Enjoyed, learned new things keep going JUDCON
  • Need! Expecting Hacking session on wildfly, not just introduction
  • Really Liked Forge
  • Key note is very inspiring & all the session relating to aerogear is very usefull
  • Arun Gupta Rocks
  • Love opensource. Love his way to learn technologies
  • Superb
  • Judcon Power
  • Fantastic……Useful
  • It was awesome, intel’s session was very outstanding
  • Very informative and interactive sessions. Too many new technologies to unfold. I WOULD DEFINITELY WANT TO COME BACK
  • Loving JUDCON 2014, judcon rocks
  • This is one of the 1st finest moment, I have ever seen all the products service oriented deveopres are presenting 
  • Refreshing, Enthusiastic, Energetic
  • Open Source is Open for all like heart
  • Learning lots of stuff helps in productivity
  • Java EE Hands on Ty, new concept explained with use cases were good. Hands on session is good
  • Awesome experience on new stuffs from Red Hat……KUDOS!!

What was your reason to attend JUDCon ?

Several more JUDCons are getting planned for this year, do plan on attending them. You can always find the latest event at and by following @JBoss.

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