Couchbase Mobile at Xamarin Evolve

Couchbase Mobile Xamarin Evolve 2016

Couchbase Mobile will be at Xamarin Evolve 2016!

Couchbase Mobile comes with three components:

  • Couchbase Lite – A fully functional, on-device, lightweight, native, embedded NoSQL database.
  • Sync Gateway – Everything you need to securely sync on-device Couchbase Lite with Couchbase Server in the cloud.
  • Couchbase Server – A high performance, scalable, always-on NoSQL database in the cloud.

Couchbase Mobile can be installed on iOS, Android, Xamarin and a variety of other platforms.

Zack Gramana is Couchbase Mobile Product Manager. In this brief interview, he talks about why Couchbase Mobile is the right choice as a mobile database on Xamarin:

Here are the specific questions that are discussed:

  • Quick introduction to Couchbase Mobile
  • Why Xamarin developers should care about Couchbase Mobile?
  • How can Xamarin developers get started with Couchbase Mobile?
  • What are other mobile databases typically run on Xamarin? How is Couchbase different?
  • What talk are you giving at Xamarin Evolve? Why should developers attend that talk?
  • What are you showing at the booth?

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Make sure to stop by the Couchbase booth at Xamarin Evolve!


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