Couchbase Weekly, Apr 11, 2016

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Couchbase Developer Community

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Couchbase Weekly

  • No events this week

Couchbase Weekly


Media Mentions

  • SiliconANGLE (blog): Survey sees big growth for next-generation databases
  • Computing UK: MongoDB, Amazon RDS and Aurora, Cassandra are the top next-gen databases being considered by enterprises
  • SmartDataCollective: Dealing with Disruptive Data: Advancing BI Connectors and Integrating SQL and NoSQL Databases


  • Monitoring Docker Containers – docker stats, cAdvisor, Universal Control Plane — Arun Gupta
  • Couchbase Support with Tesora Database as a Service Platform on OpenStack Trove
  • Couchbase.NET SDK v2.2.7 w/Developer Preview of Index Management now available! — Jeff Morris
  • Get to Know Our Couchbase Community – Vojta Jakubec — Laura Czajkowski

Couchbase Weekly 3

Upcoming Events

  • April 20 – 22: Devoxx, Paris
  • April 24 – 28: Xamarin Evolve, Orlando
  • April 27: Mobile Web Dev Conference, San Francisco (Speaking)
  • April 28: Great Indian Developer Summit, Bangalore (Speaking)

Couchbase Meetups

  • April 21: Couchbase Silicon Valley User Group – Building a Memory-Centric Data Pipeline with Apache Spark
  • April 28: Couchbase LA Meet User- Spark with Couchbase to Electrify Your Data Processing


  • March 18 – April 20: Building a full stack application with NoSQL, Go, and Angular 2
    US Registration
    EMEA Registration

    • 201 – Bootstrapping an application using Couchbase and Go
    • 202 – Application logic, data model, and validation
    • 203 – Build a responsive front end with Angular 2.0 & Bootstrap
    • 204 – Built-in URL permalinking & minification
    • 205 – Mobile-first development with Nativescript
  • April 14: Build Better Mobile Apps with NoSQL
    • US Registration
    • EMEA Registration


  • Learn the differences and similarities between relational and document oriented databases in 2 minutes:
  • Enterprises are adopting modern databases like #Couchbase “citing grow flexibility as the top benefit” Learn more:
  • High performance distributed caching: #Couchbase scales your #mobile #web #IoT apps. Learn how:
  • Get professional advice from the #Couchbase services team on everything from #JSON modeling to using #SQL for #NoSQL
  • Tweet This: Leverage #Couchbase’s Spark connector and get started with Apache Zeppelin to dive into interactive data analytics:


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