Couchbase Weekly, Mar 14, 2016

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Couchbase Developer Community

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Couchbase Weekly

  • March 15: Couchbase Day Waltham
  • March 16: Couchbase Day London (First Non-US Couchbase Day in EMEA)
  • March 17 – 18: SF Droidcon, San Francisco

Couchbase Weekly

Media Mentions

  • Information Management: Open Source Software: Riding the Innovation Wave
  • MySanAntonio: Better Buy: IBM vs. Oracle
  • IT ProPortal: How to choose a database for your mobile apps
  • InfoQ: All Things Containers From Solaris Zones to Docker
  • DZone: Communicating With Couchbase via a Dockerfile Script and Docker
  • MySanAntonio: How Risky Is Oracle Corporation Stock?
  • IProgrammer: Scalable Big Data Architecture
  • ComputerWorld UK: How used APIS to stop sending faxes
  • SiliconANGLE: Hortonworks bids for Spark leadership


  • Docker Tooling in Eclipse Video — Arun Gupta
  • Developer Preview of new Sub-document API included w/2.2.6 release of Couchbase .NET SDK — Jeff Morris
  • NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 5 – Coffee on Couchbase — Arun Gupta
  • Couchbase is Going to Droidcon San Francisco 2016 — Nic Raboy
  • Excel and Couchbase Server v4 with N1QL – No ODBC Required! — Cihan Biyikoglu
  • Get to Know Our Couchbase Community – Meet Brant Burnett — Laura Czajkowski
  • Couchbase Mobile at O’Reilly Fluent Conference 2016 — Nic Raboy
  • Kubernetes Namespaces, Resource Quota, and Limits for QoS in Cluster — Arun Gupta
  • NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 4 – Coffee on Couchbase — Arun Gupta
  • Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud and Expose Couchbase Service — Arun Gupta
  • Communicating with Couchbase via a Dockerfile Script and Docker — Nic Raboy
  • Kubernetes Cluster on Amazon and Expose Couchbase Service — Arun Gupta
  • Fluent 2016: Learn Crucial Mobile Tools for the Web — William Hoang
  • Getting Leaner with SubDocument and the Java SDK — Simon Baslé
  • Getting Started with Beacons and Couchbase Lite Android — Laurent Doguin
  • Couchbase Weekly Feb 29, 2016 — Arun Gupta

Couchbase Weekly 3

Upcoming Events

  • March 15: Couchbase Day Waltham
  • March 16: Couchbase Day London
  • March 17 – 18: SF Droidcon, San Francisco
  • March 18 – 19: Codemotion, Rome
  • March 22: Couchbase Denver
  • March 29: Couchbase Paris — Coming Soon
  • March 31: Couchbase Day Minneapolis


  • March 18 – April 20: Building a full stack application with NoSQL, Go, and Angular 2
    US Registration
    EMEA Registration

    • 201 – Bootstrapping an application using Couchbase and Go
    • 202 – Application logic, data model, and validation
    • 203 – Build a responsive front end with Angular 2.0 & Bootstrap
    • 204 – Built-in URL permalinking & minification
    • 205 – Mobile-first development with Nativescript
  • March 24: How to leverage NoSQL to deliver great eCommerce customer experiences (EMEA)
  • March 24: How to leverage NoSQL to deliver great eCommerce customer experiences (US)


  • Build a full stack application using #Couchbase! Register for the step-by-step webinar on 3/18 to get started (US):
  • #Couchbase Server 4.5 Developer Preview is ready! Built-in query editor & schema browser, full-text search, and more
  • Interested in running #Couchbase in the #Cloud? Explore the different configurations such as #AWS #Docker plus more
  • Enterprises like Nielsen are picking #Couchbase the “more mature” database over #MongoDB for document store: #NoSQL
  • #Couchbase Mobile reduces admin headaches & accelerates implementation time with new mgmt controls #NoSQL #database


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