Java EE 7 at Transylvania JUG

Transylvania JUG is now Java EE 7 ready!

(picture by Constantin Pârțac, more pics in his album)

I connected with Gabriel Pop (JUG leader) at QCon London earlier this year and we have been working on dates since then. I’m so glad it finally worked out. The session was scheduled for about 2 hrs but ~130 attendees were having fun and went for an hour beyond that. This was all the more impressive given that it was a weekday.

Their logo is indeed one of the best ones

I walked through lots of Java EE 7 samples and enjoyed the interaction with the attendees. I used a mix of WildFly 8 beta 2 snapshot (get started now) and GlassFish 4 to run different samples. The walkthrough included the following samples:

  • websocket/whiteboard
  • batch/chunk-csv-database
  • batch/chunk-partition
  • batch/listeners
  • jms/send-receive
  • cdi/bean-discovery-all
  • cdi/vetoed
  • concurrency/managedexecutor
  • jaxrs/jaxrs-client
  • jaxrs/async-client
  • jaxrs/async-server
  • json/streaming-parser
  • json/object-parser
  • jta/transaction-scope
  • validation/methods
  • javamail/definition

Slides are, well slides, code is king! :-) IMHO, this is the best way to understand Java EE 7.

Is your JUG interested in getting a similar session for Java EE 7 ? Drop me a note or leave a comment on this blog.

In this country of Nadia Comăneci, it was pretty impressive to see that 30-40% of the attendees were women. And somebody in the audience even made a comment “Women in Romania are smarter than men” 😉 This was very inspiring for me as typically the female attendees are far lower in number.

About 90% of the attendees use some open source technology in their daily life. But only ~6 contribute back. I’m not surprised by that because that is a very typical ratio. David Blevins has written an excellent post on why All Open Source communities need your support. I highly encourage you to read it. Open Source is very much the DNA of Red Hat. has plenty of projects that provide you an opportunity to get involved. I highly encourage you to pick a project and start contributing – bugs, patch, docs, feature, anything goes a long way!

Romania is a very running friendly country. Constantin introduced me to a local night 10k  and so I signed up for that. I met some members of local Road Runners club and we instantly connected. Java community is the best and allows me to meet from developers all around the world. We instantly start talking same language, same issues, get into our religious battles. Running community very much mimics that 😉

I enjoyed the course so much that I went back for another 10 miler this morning.

Check out some pictures from the trip:


And the complete album:

I also spent some time clean up in order to prepare for Devoxx Hackergarten. I’d love to see you there!

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7 thoughts on “Java EE 7 at Transylvania JUG

  1. Hi Arun!
    Thanks for contributing so enthusiastically to java community.

    Our jug pakijug is willing to arrange same session but we know Pakistan won’t be safe and favored place due to security issues. :(

    Please advise us how can we organize this.
    Can we use your slides/sample in our session. We are going to have a session next Friday, Nov 22 in Karachi, Pakistan.

  2. Hi Shahzad,

    Please feel free to use the slides as appropriate. I’m happy to deliver a G+ hangout session to your JUG, if you are interested.


  3. Wao..That would be a great honor for us. Thank you.

    Does November 22, 2013 , 9:00 am (Eastern Time) suite you? If not then please let us know about date/time that would be suitable for you to deliver a lecture.

    We are following GMT+5 timezone in Pakistan. so it would be better if you could allocate time between 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm [9:00 am – 11:00 am Eastern Time]

    Thanks a lot again.

  4. Arun,

    our bad.
    Actually we wanted to avail this opportunity and organize this session country-wide. But due to current law & order situation in Rawalpindi/Islamabad (Pakistan), participants would not able to attend the session so we have to postpone it.

    We are really sorry but you know security situation in Pakistan. We will request you in near future.

    Thanks a lot and Once again, Sorry for passing up your offer.

    May I have your email id for communicating in future?

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