Java EE 7 and WildFly in France, Germany, and Switzerland

Andrew Rubinger (@ALRubinger) and I are starting this Spring with a tour of France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Paris JUG: 3/19
Marseille JUG: 3/20
Riviera JUG: 3/21
AeroGear hackathon: 3/22
JavaLand: 3/25 & 3/26
Zurich JUG: 3/27

There will be lots of discussions on Java EE 7, WildFly, Arquillian, AeroGear, Cordova, JBoss Tools, Open Source, Red Hat or anything else that comes to your fancy. Personally, I’m always interested in sharing fitness workout routines and talking about how we can inspire kids/teenagers through Devoxx4Kids.

I’m always up for running in any of these cities. JavaLand already has a community run scheduled for Mar 26th. Lets see which city has the runners to take me out city seeing 😉

Where will we see you ?

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