Minecraft Modding with Forge – Print and Ebook Now Available

Would you like to learn Minecraft Modding in a family-friendly way?
Don’t have any previous programming experience?
Never programmed in Java?

This new O’Reilly book on Minecraft Modding with Forge is targeted at parents and kids who would like to learn how to create new Minecraft mods. It can be read by parents or kids independently, and is more fun when they read it together. No prior programming experience is required however some familiarity with software installation would be very helpful.

Minecraft Modding with Forge Book Cover

Release Date: April 2015
Language: English
Pages: 194
Print ISBN:978-1-4919-1889-0| ISBN 10:1-4919-1889-6
Ebook ISBN:978-1-4919-1883-8| ISBN 10:1-4919-1883-7

Minecraft is commonly associated with “addiction”. This book hopes to leverage the passionate kids and teach them how to do Minecraft Modding, and in the process teach some fundamental Java concepts. They also pick up basic Eclipse skills as well.

It uses Minecraft Forge and shows how to create over two dozen mods. Here is the complete Table of Content:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Block Break Message
Chapter 3 Fun with Explosions
Chapter 4 Entities
Chapter 5 Movement
Chapter 6 New Commands
Chapter 7 New Block
Chapter 8 New Item
Chapter 9 Recipes and Textures
Chapter 10 Sharing Mods
Appendix A What is Minecraft?
Appendix B Eclipse Shortcuts and Correct Imports
Appendix C Downloading the Source Code from GitHub
Appendix D Devoxx4Kids

Each chapter also provide several additional ideas on what readers can try based upon what they learned.

It has been an extremely joyful and rewarding experience to co-author the book with my 12-year old son. Many thanks to O’Reilly for providing this opportunity of a lifetime experience to us.

Here is the effort distribution by different collaborators on the book:

The book is available in print and ebook and can be purchased from shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920036562.do.

Three reviews so far are all five star and so that is encouraging:

Minecraft Modding with Forge Book Feedback - April 2015

Its also marked as #1 hot new release at Amazon in Game Programming:

Minecraft Modding with Forge - #1 Hot Release on Amazon

Scan the QR code to get the URL on your favorite device and give the first Java programming lesson to your kid – the Minecraft Way. They are going to thank you for that!


Happy modding and looking forward to your reviews.

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6 thoughts on “Minecraft Modding with Forge – Print and Ebook Now Available

  1. Congratulations on your book, my son read through it quickly and he is already programming. I was wondering, is there a forum where you answer questions about specific examples in the book?

  2. This is nice to know! Would love to see a review at:


    Any questions can always be asked at: https://github.com/AdityaGupta1/minecraft-modding-book/issues/new

  3. Minecraft modding is a constantly changing ecosystem. Do you plan on releasing new editions as new versions of Forge are released? Also, is this book endorsed by Lex Manos or any of the main contributors of Forge?

  4. A major update to Forge will likely trigger an update of the book. This book is not endorsed by any of the Forge contributors but some folks at Mojang have looked at it and found it very useful.

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