Domain Driven Design using Java EE (Hanginar #5)

Domain Driven Design


Domain Driven Design (DDD) is very well suited for typical three-tier Java EE applications and allows a close collaboration between technical and domain experts to iteratively define a model. Learn all about the basics of DDD and how to create a non-trivial Java EE application using DD in this webinar with Reza Rahman (@reza_rahman).

The source code shows:

  • Well established architectural patterns/blueprints for enterprise development with Java EE using pretty close to a real world application.
  • Demonstrate a concrete implementation of DDD concepts.
  • Showcase some core Java EE technologies (JSF, CDI, WebSocket, Batch, JAX-RS, JMS, Bean Validation, and others)
  • Select set of representative tools that complement Java EE well such as Maven, JUnit, Cargo, JMeter, soapUI, Arquillian, PrimeFaces and DeltaSpike


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