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January 9, 2007

Five things you don’t know about me

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I’m 28th generation, in less than a month, of "Five things you don’t know about me" meme started by Jeff Pulver on Dec 10, 2006. My hierarchy starts from Andi Egloff (27), Mark White (26), Kevin Schmidt (25), Rich Sharples (24), Max Mortazavi (23), Roberto Chinnici (22), Marc Hadley (21), Gerry Buechelt (20), Pat Patterson (19), Eve Maler (18), Tim Bray (17, getting into Sun now), Ugo Cei (16), Gianugo (15), Yoav Shapiro (14), Jim Jagielski (13), Sam Ruby (12, Jim Winstead Jr (11), Dave (10), Green LA Girl (9), Ivan Environman (8), Tara Hunt (7), (tagged twice) Stowe Boyd (6) and Jesse (6). Following the first link, Irwin Lazar (5), The Phone Boy (4) tagged thrice by Ken Camp (3), Peter Csathy (3), and Luca Filigheddu (3). Again following the first link Andy Abramson (2) and finally the root Jeff Pulver (2). Here are my five things:

  1. During Masters, Sun and Microsoft were my two dream companies. I’ve been working at Sun for close to 8 yrs and work very closely with Microsoft to enable Web services interoperability between Java and .NET 3.0 using Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT).
  2. My first assignment after coming to United States was helping my brother paint his house which is where we spent our next 3 best years of life.
  3. I’m afraid of dogs. I’ve had dogs chase me multiple times during training runs which has made me change my course multiple times. Once I reached home much earlier than the regular time I take for running and everybody at home had a good laugh about the reason. It was of course, a dog chasing me and then I didn’t stop sprinting all the way to home.
  4. There are certain entrees that only I cook in the house. My family (including my wife :)and friends like it exactly that way. I love cooking and I realized I share this passion with Jonathan Schwartz.
  5. Me and my wife’s birthday and our anniversary are all within 3 weeks (coming really soon). We celebrate one event where we call all the friends and other two are just with the family. A milestone event makes it an easier choice but other years (like this year) it’s fun crafting the algorithm to identify the event to celebrate.

Passing the baton: Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Rajiv Mordani, Vivek Pandey, Carla Mott, Geertjan Wielenga

Update: Geertjan has already been tagged so now I tag Greg Murray.

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