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June 14, 2010

Über Conf Day 1 Trip Report

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Jay Zimmerman kick started the 200th No Fluff Just Stuff event and Day 1 of Über Conf earlier today. This event is focused on alpha-geeks, with more access to speakers, more hands-on workshops, longer hours, and attendees from 45 different states.

Cliff Click gave a great keynote talking about Challenges and Directions in Java Virtual Machines. Here are some key points from his talk:

  • Hardware, Operating Systems, and JVM are ready for concurrent processing; Tools, Languages, IDEs, etc are not.
  • Background compilation, Concurrent GC, Introspection and continuous profiling are some opportunities for multi-core (2-4) machines.
  • Application level parallelism – JDK libraries are really useful, thread pools, pipelines of pools. No support for self-tuning and auto-sizing pipeline of thread pools.
  • Data parallelism is recommended for 4-32 core CPUs – Big data, small code, small code with lots of repetition, realm of scientific computing (weather, simulation, nuclear reactor, etc)
  • For 64-100 chips – Clustering on a chip, multiple applications communicating via pipes, GC fixed mallocs, parallelism at all levels (queues, caches, DB access, processor, …)
  • Java concurrency is not right most times because of the lack of knowledge, not because of language features
  • Software Transactional Memory (STM) is replace existing locak with transaction boundaries, Step towards declarative program #1 issue while debugging other concurrent programs – "they can’t name the shared variable"
  • Other performance pitfalls – Debugging, performance, Performance Anomalies
  • Suggestions for concurrent programming – Scala, Clojure, X10, JVSTM + Data modeling

The conference started on a positive note on a personal self with complimentary upgrade to first class in the flight and yet another complimentary upgrade to high-floor room in the hotel. I forgot my Garmin 305 USB connector but found another runner who has it, so nice!

Tomorrow morning starts with a 5K run and then Java EE 6 / GlassFish 3 talk at 10:30am in Westminster 1. The interesting part is that this is the first conference, at least I’m aware of, with a 5K run as part of the formal agenda. The hotel certainly has a lots of running trails near by and I did a 4 miler in the mile-high city. Looking forward to longer distance running on Wednesday and Thursday. The piano and magician during the evening reception added a good fun to the entire mix.

Now get ready to be physically and mentally exhausted!

Here are some pictures captured from today:

And here is the evolving photo album so far:

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