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Gossip-based Kubernetes Cluster on AWS using Kops

Creating a Kubernetes cluster using Kops requires a top-level domain or a sub domain and setting up Route 53 hosted zones. This domain allows the worker nodes to discover the master and the master to discover all the etcd servers. This is also needed for kubectl to be able to talk directly with the master. This worked well but an additional hassle for the developers.

Kubernetes Logo

Kops 1.6.2 adds an experimental support for gossip-based, uses Weave Mesh, discovery of nodes. This makes the process of setting up Kubernetes cluster using Kops DNS-free, and much more simplified.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Install or upgrade kops:
  2. Check the version:
  3. Create an S3 bucket as “state store”:
  4. Create a Kubernetes cluster:
    It shows the output as:
    Wait for a few minutes for the cluster to be created.
  5. Validate the cluster:
  6. Get the list of nodes using kubectl:
  7. Deleting a cluster is pretty straight forward as well:

That’s it! provide several examples of getting started with Kubernetes.

File issues at


Devoxx Belgium 2017 – Submit Talks for Cloud, Containers and Infrastructure Track

Devoxx Belgium is the one of the finest developer conferences in Europe. This year it’s running from Nov 6-10 in Antwerp, Belgium. I certainly have the privilege of being involved with the conference for a several years now.


What are some of the cool things about this conference?

  • Rock star speakers from around the world with 3 hrs Deep Dive sessions, Conference Session, Birds of Feather, Hands-on Lab, Ignite, Quickie and of course an inspiring opening and closing keynote.
  • Pioneers of theater-style seating – This not only provides comfortable seating
    for each attendee but the screens are very clearly visible to everybody in the room.
  • All talks recorded and released on youtube.
  • No need to pre-register for a session, just show up and watch. If you miss it, then just watch the replay on youtube later.
  • Community votes on whiteboard – Attendees gets a chance to vote on topics ranging from their favorite non-Java language, operating system, or anything you like.
  • Thursday night movie
  • Fries with mayo
  • Belgian beer and chocolates
  • We are called Devoxxians!

I’m sure there are other cool things that can be said :)

Conference’s Call for Papers (called as Call for Passion) is running. There are multiple tracks:

  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure
  • Mind the Geek
  • Java Language
  • Programming Languages
  • Methodology & Culture
  • Mobile & IOT
  • Architecture & Security
  • Server-side Java
  • Modern Web

Descriptions for each track is explained at

I’m helping with the Cloud, Containers and Infrastructure track. Here are some suggested topics that we are looking in that track:

  • FaaS + Serverless (101, 201, 301, debugging dev/test, different cloud providers)
  • Serverless in Production (ideally from a customer, different cloud providers)
  • Latest deep dive on Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, DC/OS
  • Setting up container pipeline using Chef/Puppet/Salt/Ansible
  • Continuous Delivery of Microservices using Containers
  • Microservices using Netflix OSS
  • Docker and Java (cores, memory, packaging, base image etc)
  • gRPC
  • Service discovery in microservices (different approaches, w/ and w/o containers –
  • Prometheus, NewRelic, DataDog, Weave, etc)
  • Monitoring containers in production
  • Migrating from VMs to Containers
  • Design patterns and Anti-patterns
  • Gotchas, Tips & Tricks for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other providers
  • Any other topic that you feel is relevant

Make the job of the program committee extremely difficult. CFP ends Jul 7.

Submit your passion today!