Adding Java EE 7 Batch Addon to JBoss Forge ? – Part 3 (Tech Tip #26)

This is the third part (part 1, part 2) of a multi-part video series where Lincoln Baxter (@lincolnthree) and I are interactively building a Forge addon to add Java EE 7 Batch functionality.

Part 1 showed how to get started with creating an addon, add relevant POM dependencies, build and install the addon using Forge shell, add a new command batch-new-jobxml, and add --reader--processor--writer parameters to the newly added command. Part 2 showed how to identify classes for each CLI parameter that already honor the contract required by the Batch specification. This part shows how:

  • Parameters can be made required
  • Add an attribute to accept jobXML name
  • Check that the reader, processor, and writer are annotated with @Named
  • Create templates for reader, processor, writer, and jobXML
  • Use templating language to replace the name of chosen reader, processor, writer


As earlier, the evolving source code is available at The source code is compiling fine but not serving the intended purpose yet. It will be further debugged in the next episode, coming later this week.

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