Couchbase Weekly, Feb 15, 2016

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Couchbase Weekly

  • Today through February 17, Couchbase is sponsoring DevNexus 2016 in Atlanta
  • Couchbase Meetup is happening tomorrow! Join the team at HQ for the Couchbase Silicon Valley Meetup.
  • Couchbase at Silicon Valley Java User Group on Feb 17th

Couchbase Weekly

Media Mentions

  • DZone: NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 2 — Coffee on Couchbase
  • Computer Business Review: Turning Big Data into Big Value
  • Fortune: The Good News Is a Huge Company Just Bought Your Favorite App 
  • SearchCloudApplications: Parse shutdown: Alternatives are asking for your business
  • Digital Journal: Global NoSQL Market Driven by Rapid Generation of Large Amounts of Data


  • SDK-RFCs: Open Commentary on Sub-Document and Index Management
  • NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 3 – Coffee on Couchbase — Arun Gupta
  • Announcing Spring Data Couchbase 2.0 RELEASE — Simon Baslé
  • Migrating from Parse to Couchbase Mobile — William Hoang
  • Couchbase Weekly Feb 8, 2016 — Arun Gupta
  • Couchbase is taking part in Jfokus — Laura Czajkowski
  • Couchbase Mobile 1.2: Enabling ForestDB for iOS and Android — William Hoang
  • Moving data from Oracle to Couchbase — Manual Hurtado

Couchbase Weekly 3

Upcoming Events

  • February 15 – 17: DevNexus 2016, Atlanta
  • February 16: Couchbase Silicon Valley
  • Feb 17, Silicon Valley JUG
  • February 25: Voxxed Days, Bristol
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Seattle
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Reston
  • February 22: Couchbase Day New York
  • February 24: Couchbase Day Vancouver
  • February 24: Couchbase Day Raleigh
  • February 29: Inmarsat Developer Conference, London


5-part webinar series for building a fullstack application using the CEAN stack — for EMEA series see here, for US series see here.

  • 201: Bootstrapping an application using the CEAN stack
  • 202: Application logic, data model, and validation
  • 203: Build a responsive front end with Angular & Bootstrap
  • 204: Built-in URL permalinking & minification
  • 205: Mobile-first development with NativeScript

February 25: From MongoDB to Couchbase: How Gannett and Others Made the Switch (US)
February 25: From MongoDB to Couchbase: How Gannett and Others Made the Switch (EMEA)


  • High performance distributed caching: #Couchbase scales your #mobile #web #IoT apps. Learn how:
  • #Couchbase Mobile 1.2 rolls out enterprise grade enhancements including improved security & performance:
  • Read the top 10 #NoSQL enterprise use cases #couchbase #database
  • Read this step-by-step demo and learn how to move data from #Oracle to #Couchbase:
  • Only #Couchbase can support the complexity & scale of today’s #BigData. Learn why enterprises are moving off RDBMS

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