Couchbase Weekly Feb 8, 2016

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Couchbase Weekly

  • Couchbase Mobile 1.2 released delivering enterprise grade administration, security, performance, and scalability. Read more in the Press Release.
  • Today through February 10, Couchbase is sponsoring Sweden’s largest developer conference, Jfokus in Stockholm.

Couchbase Weekly

Press Releases

  • New Release of Couchbase Mobile Gives Enterprise Developers Cutting Edge Data Management Platform for Building Always On Mobile Applications
    Couchbase Mobile 1.2 delivers enterprise grade administration, security, performance, and scalability

Media Mentions

  • insideBIGDATA: New Release of Couchbase Mobile Announced
  • SDTimes: New release of Couchbase Mobile gives enterprise developers cutting edge data management platform for building always on mobile applications
  • ADTMag: Couchbase Mobile Targets Enterprise
  • DZone: Migrating from Parse to Couchbase Mobile
  • DBTA: Couchbase Mobile 1.2 Delivers Enterprise-Grade Enhancements in Four Areas
  • FierceMobileIT: Couchbase updates mobile app platform with improved management controls, data-at-rest encryption
  • ITProPortal: Q&A: Overcoming the challenges of mobile app development
  • Fortune: The Good News Is a Huge Company Just Bought Your Favorite App
  • The Next Silicon Valley: CTO Summit: harnessing technology to drive innovation
  • DZone: Deploy Docker to Amazon Cloud Using Tutum
  • JavaWorld: Open source Java projects: Apache Phoenix
  • TechTarget: NoSQL revs up to the tune of the Spark connecter
  • The Lake Andes Wave: Walmart Open Sources Its OneOps Cloud Platform


  • RWDevCon 2016: Couchbase Mobile Lab – Taking Your Mobile Apps Offline — William Hoang
  • Couchbase is taking part in Jfokus — Laura Czajkowski
  • Couchbase Mobile 1.2: Enabling ForestDB for iOS and Android — William Hoang
  • Enabling Docker Remote API on Docker Machine on Mac OS X — Arun Gupta
  • Docker 1.10, Machine 0.6.0, Compose 1.6.0 – better volumes and networking — Arun Gupta
  • Prepared Statements – by the Numbers! — Todd Greenstein
  • Couchbase with Azure ARM Templates —Martin Esmann
  • Announcing Couchbase Mobile 1.2 — Ali LeClerc
  • Deploy Docker to Amazon Cloud using Tutum — Arun Gupta
  • Coffee on Couchbase: How to Securely Set Channel Parameters in Sync Gateway — William Hoang
  • Welcome to our first round of 2016 Couchbase Champions — Laura Czajkowski
  • Full Stack Development with the CEA2N Stack Webinars — Nic Raboy
  • Couchbase Weekly Feb 1, 2016 — Arun Gupta
  • Talking Beacons, IoT, P2P and Couchbase Mobile — Laurent Doguin

Couchbase Weekly 3

Upcoming Events

  • February 8 – 10: Jfokus, Stockholm
  • February 15 – 17: DevNexus 2016, Stockholm
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Seattle
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Reston
  • February 22: Couchbase Day New York


5-part webinar series for building a fullstack application using the CEAN stack — for EMEA series see here, for US series see here.

201: Bootstrapping an application using the CEAN stack
202: Application logic, data model, and validation
203: Build a responsive front end with Angular & Bootstrap
204: Built-in URL permalinking & minification
205: Mobile-first development with NativeScript

February 25: From MongoDB to Couchbase: How Gannett and Others Made the Switch (US)
February 25: From MongoDB to Couchbase: How Gannett and Others Made the Switch (EMEA)

Couchbase Meetups

  • February 18: Couchbase Silicon Valley

Other People Meetups (OPMs)

  • February 10: JavaMug, Dallas
  • February 12: UmeJUG, Sweden


  • Hit by #parseshutsdown? Read the blog on what you can do for your apps #couchbasemobile
  • #Couchbase Lite 1.2 delivers 2 – 5x faster performance for key #database operations #NoSQL #mobile
  • Learn #NoSQL with #Couchbase free online training:
  • New McKinsey research shows how the U.S. #DigitalEconomy is a potential $2 trillion market: via @HarvardBiz
  • Data center infrastructure has evolved, yet databases remain largely unchanged. It’s time to scale up and scale out

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