Couchbase Weekly Feb 1, 2016

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Couchbase Weekly

  • February 4: Couchbase Day Santa Monica

Couchbase Weekly

Press Releases

  • Couchbase Supports @WalmartLab’s Release of OneOps Cloud Management to Open Source Community
    Move to open source enables any organization to run Couchbase and other technologies in the cloud with easy portability and best-in-class management tools
  • 2015 Marks Another Outstanding Year of Innovation and Growth for Couchbase
    Couchbase increasingly selected as the database to power companies in the Digital Economy

Media Mentions

  • LinuxInsider: Walmart Opens OneOps Cloud Management to the Masses
  • ChannelWorld (India): Couchbase: Accelerating Productivity by Removing Impedance Mismatch 
  • WSJ’s The Morning Download: The Morning Download:  Cloud, Once an Adjunct to Data Center, Now Drives Corporate IT
  • Ars Technica: A New Open Source Cloud Management Tool… from Walmart
  • Cloud Pro (UK):Walmart’s OneOps Cloud Management Now Available on GitHub
  • EFY Times: OneOPS, an Open Source Platform by Walmart
  • Leader Call: Walmart Open Sources Its OneOps Technology 
  • ProgrammableWeb: WalmartLabs Releases OneOps Cloud and Application Lifecycle Management Platform as Open Source
  • DZone: Reporting JSON Data with Couchbase and PowerBI
  • NewsFactor Network: Walmart Open Sources Its OneOps Cloud Platform
  • Transparency Market Research Press Release: Global NoSQL Market Driven by Rapid Generation of Large Amounts of Data
  • TechCrunch: Walmart Launches OneOps, an Open-Source Cloud and Application Lifecycle Management Platform 
  • CIO: Walmart Open-Sources OneOps to Free You from Cloud Lock-in
  • GeekWire: Ignition Partners Invests in Docker’s Series D Round, which Valued Company at $1B
  • ComputerWeekly (UK): Getting Dirty with Open Source Databases
  • Voice&Data (IN): “ALTEN Calsoft Labs Is in a Very Good Position to Help Indian Startups Develop Their Business”
  • 451 Research: NoSQL Analytics Market Looks Ripe for Acquisitions


  • Talking Beacons, IoT, P2P and Couchbase Mobile — Laurent Doguin
  • NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 2 – Coffee on Couchbase — Arun Gupta
  • Migrating from Parse to Couchbase Mobile — William Hoang
  • Why is Couchbase Mobile a Great Solution for Modern App Development? — Nic Raboy
  • Anti-Virus False Alarms and Couchbase — Don Pinto
  • I use Parse. They’re shutting down. What should I do? — Wayne Carter
  • Couchbase is at FOSDEM — Laura Czajkowski
  • How to use Channels in Sync Gateway — William Hoang
  • Create a Desktop Chat Application using the CEAN Stack and Electron — Nic Raboy
  • Couchbase Weekly Jan 25, 2016 — Arun Gupta
  • Moving SQL business logic to the Application Layer — Laurent Doguin
  • Locating cbq — Matthew Revell
  • 20 ways to connect with Couchbase Community — Arun Gupta
  • Moving SQL database content to Couchbase — Laurent Doguin
  • How to Validate Document Types in Sync Gateway — William Hoang

Couchbase Weekly 3

Upcoming Events

  • February 4: Couchbase Day Santa Monica
  • February 8 – 10: Jfokus, Stockholm
  • February 15 – 17: DevNexus 2016, Stockholm
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Seattle
  • February 18: Couchbase Day Reston
  • February 22: Couchbase Day New York


5-part webinar series for building a fullstack application using the CEAN stack — for EMEA series see here, for US series see here.

201: Bootstrapping an application using the CEAN stack
202: Application logic, data model, and validation
203: Build a responsive front end with Angular & Bootstrap
204: Built-in URL permalinking & minification
205: Mobile-first development with NativeScript

Couchbase Meetups

  • February 18: Couchbase Silicon Valley

Other People Meetups (OPMs)

  • February 10: JavaMug, Dallas
  • February 12: UmeJUG, Sweden


  • Facebook #Parse calls it quits leaving 600K #developers with one question – whats next? #Couchbase Mobile
  • Amadeus and Google use #Couchbase to maximize throughput for 1500 cores in 3 data centers spanning US, Europe & Asia
  • Configure #Simba and #Couchbase to directly execute schemaless #N1QL queries #SQL for #JSON
  • Walmart extends its leadership in the #DigitalEconomy releasing their OneOps cloud management tool #opensource
  • In 2015, #Couchbase continued to lead the #NoSQL market in product innovation and nearly doubled sales 

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