Getting Started with Couchbase using Docker

Couchbase Server 4.0 was recently released and can be downloaded and easily installed. Getting Started with Couchbase explains in very simple and easy steps on how to get started with Couchbase.  But when living in a container world, everything is a Docker image. And Couchbase also has a Docker image.

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This blog will explain how you can easily start a Couchbase Server 4.0 as a Docker image.

Install and Configure Docker

Docker is natively supported on Linux. So apt get docker-engine on Ubuntu or yum install docker-engine on CentOS will get you ready to use Docker.

On Mac or Windows, this is achieved by install Docker Machine. Docker Machine to Setup Docker Host explain in detail on how to install and configure Docker Machine.

Here is a brief summary to get you started with Docker:

  1. Download Docker client:
  2. Download Docker Machine script:
  3. Create Docker Machine host:
  4. Setup Docker client to connect to this host:

Now your current shell is configured where the Docker client can run containers on the Docker Machine.

Run Couchbase Docker Container

  1. Starting a Docker container on this machine is pretty straight forward. The CLI downloads the image from Docker Hub and then runs it on the Machine:
    In this CLI, run command runs the container using the image id specified as the last argument, -p publish port 8091 from the container to 8091 on the Docker Machine, -d runs the container in background and prints the container id.
  2. Watch the container status as:
  3. Find out IP address of the Docker Machine:
  4. Access the setup console at, make sure to specify the exact IP address in your case. This will show the screen:Couchbase Docker Getting Started 1

Configure Couchbase Server

First run of Couchbase Server requires you to configure it, lets do that next!

  1. Click on the Setup button. Scroll to bottom of the screen, change the Data RAM Quota to 500 (MB-16530), and click on Next.Couchbase Docker Getting Started 2
  2. In Couchbase, data is stored in buckets. The server comes pre-installed with some sample buckets. Select the travel-sample bucket to install it and click on Next.Couchbase Docker Getting Started 3
  3. Configure the bucket by taking defaults:Couchbase Docker Getting Started 4

    Click on Next.
  4. Enter personal details, agree to T&C, click on Next:Couchbase Docker Getting Started 5
  5. Provide administrator credentials:Couchbase Docker Getting Started 6

    Click on Next to complete the installation. This brings up Couchbase Web Console:

    Couchbase Docker Web Console

It takes a few seconds for the travel-sample bucket to be fully loaded. And once that is done, your Couchbase server is ready to roll!

You can also watch the following presentation from Couchbase Connect:

Talk to us at Couchbase Forums or @couchbase.

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