CRUD Java Application with Couchbase, Java EE and WildFly

Couchbase is an open-source, NoSQL, document database. It allows to access, index, and query JSON documents while taking advantage of integrated distributed caching for high performance data access.

Developers can write applications to Couchbase using different languages (Java, Go, .NET, Node, PHP, Python, C) multiple SDKs. This blog will show how you can easily create a CRUD application using Java SDK for Couchbase.

REST with Couchbase

The application will use curl to issue REST commands to a JAX-RS endpoint deployed on WildFly. These commands will then perform CRUD operations on travel-sample bucket in Couchbase. N1QL (SQL query language for JSON) will be used to communicate with Couchbase to retrieve results. Both the “builder pattern” and raw N1QL commands will be used.

Couchbase CRUD using WildFly and Curl


Complete source code and instructions for the sample are available at

Lets get started!

Run Couchbase Server

Couchbase server can be easily downloaded from Couchbase Server Downloads page. In a containerized world, its a lot easier to fire up a Couchbase server using Docker.

If Docker is configured on your machine then the easiest way is to use Docker Compose for Couchbase:

Starting up the application server shows:

And then the logs can be seen as:

The database needs to be configured and is explained at Configure Couchbase Server. Make sure to install travel-sample bucket.

Deploy the Java EE Application on WildFly

  • Download WildFly 9.0.2 , unzip, and start WildFly application server as ./wildfly-9.0.0.Final/bin/
  • Git clone the repo: git clone
  • Change directory cd couchbase-javaee
  • Deploy the application to WildFly: mvn install -Pwildfly.

The application uses Java SDK for Couchbase by importing the following Maven coordinates:

Invoke the REST Endpoints Using cURL

GET Airline resources (limit to 10)

Lets query the database to list 10 Airline resources.



The N1QL query for this is written as:
And can also be alternatively written as:
You may optionally update the code to include ORDER BY clause as shown in N1QL Tutorial.

GET one Airline resource

Use id attribute to query a single Airline resource



POST a new Airline resource

Learn how to run N1QL queries from the CLI using CBQ tool and verify the existing sample data:

This query retrieve documents where airline’s name is Airlinair. The count is shown in metrics.resultCount.

Create a new document using POST.



Query again using CBQ and now the results are shown as:
Note that two JSON documents are returned instead of one as before the POST command was issued.

PUT an existing Airline resource

Update an existing resource using HTTP POST.

The data model for travel-sample bucket requires to include “id” attribute in the payload and in the URI as well.


Name of the airline is updated from “Airlinair” to “Airlin Air”, all other attributes stay the same.


The updated record is shown in the response.

Querying for Airlinair gives:

So the previously added record is now updated and thus does not appear in query results. Querying for Airlin Airgives:

This shows the newly updated document.

DELETE an existing Airline resource

Query for a unique id:

Notice that one document is returned.

Lets delete this document.



The deleted document is shown in the response.

Query again for the deleted id:

And no results are returned!

As mentioned earlier, the complete code base is at


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  3. I Just love to play this game.Thank you so much to share this.Now i am enjoying to play with my friends.

  4. Good job. Thanks you to share. I just note that the web context is /airlines . So an update must be done to all endpoints I give a short example like : curl -v http://localhost:8080/airlines/resources/airline | jq .

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