Java EE 7 at Luxembourg JUG and JAX London

After new hire orientation at Red Hat earlier this week, my first public speaking engagement  is going to be at Luxemboug JUG (Oct 28).


You’ll get to hear all about Java EE 7 in full glory!

I plan to use a mix of JBoss Tools and NetBeans from tooling perspective. And GlassFish and WildFly Beta 1 and GlassFish for runtime. Here are couple of pointers:

This is my first trip to Luxembourg and so looking forward to it!


The next country on this trip will be London. It starts with a couple of sessions at JAX London on (Oct 29):

  • Getting Started with WebSocket and Server-Sent Events using Java
  • Java EE 7 Platform: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5

Here are other Red Hat talks at JAX London:

  • OpenShift Primer: Get Your JBoss Into the Cloud
  • Introducing Vert.x 2.0 – Taking Polyglot Application Development to the Next Level

Finally it concludes with a code-driven introduction to Java EE 7 at JAX London Community Night (Oct 29). This talk is at the GlassFish User Group and organized by C2B2 Consulting.

Make sure to register for this free event.

Here is one of my favorite pics from JAX London 2011:

Where will I see you ?

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