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Luxembourg JUG and JAX London Report

My first speaking engagement at Red Hat started with the visit to a new country – Luxembourg, one of the richest in the world and my 37th!

About 85+ JUG members got introduced to Java EE 7 in a typical slide-free code-driven session. The power of Java EE 7 was quite evident as there was about 20% more than usual attendance. WildFly Beta 1 and GlassFish 4 were used to showcase different samples. This also shows the Write Once Deploy Anywhere (WODA) capabilities of the platform. All samples used in the talk are available at github.com/arun-gupta/javaee7-samples.

The visit got arranged after I hooked up with Nick Mpallas on twitter. He showed very warm hospitality during the short visit and I enjoyed learning about JBoss ecosystem from him. I’m pretty impressed by his prompt pull request to add Arquillian support to Java EE 7 samples.

Enjoy some pictures from this visit:

This was followed by a speaking engagement at JAX London. This is my third visit to this annual conference by S&S Media. (2011 Fall, 2011 Spring). I spoke on two different topics and their slide decks are available:

Java EE 7: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5
from Arun Gupta


Getting Started with WebSockets and Server-Sent Events
from Arun Gupta

There were ~50 attendees for the platform talk and about ~35 for the WebSocket talk.

In addition, I also spoke at my very first GlassFish Users Group, London meetup as part of JAX London Community Night. Interactive audience and slide-free code-driven introduction to Java EE 7 kept the session entertaining. This was organized by C2B2 Consulting Group who are independent middleware experts based in London. This entire session was recorded and is available:

I had an opportunity to spend some time with Richard Warburton from jClarity – JVM performance analysis and tooling company. They are using Vert.x across different VMs to gather data. Vert.x is a lightweight, high performance application platform for the JVM that’s designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications. More details on vert.x would be available in a subsequent blog but in the meanwhile learn all about jClarity’s usage of Vert.x in this brief interview with Richard:

I also talked briefly with jaxenter.com on my move to Red Hat, wild popularity of the Java EE 7 platform, on what attracts me to JAX London year over year. That interview is also available:

Enjoy some pictures from this visit:


O’Reilly had a booth and was able to sell most of the best-selling Java EE 7 Essentials copies. But you can always order your own from amazon.com or shop.oreilly.com. I’ve seen O’Reilly.com offering discounts on a regular basis so keep checking. Alternatively attend one of my Java EE 7 hands-on lab at any conference and the first one to complete all the exercises gets a copy from me 😉

And the complete album:

Now on my way to JFall, Transylvania JUG, and Devoxx!

Java EE 7 at Luxembourg JUG and JAX London

After new hire orientation at Red Hat earlier this week, my first public speaking engagement  is going to be at Luxemboug JUG (Oct 28).


You’ll get to hear all about Java EE 7 in full glory!

I plan to use a mix of JBoss Tools and NetBeans from tooling perspective. And GlassFish and WildFly Beta 1 and GlassFish for runtime. Here are couple of pointers:

This is my first trip to Luxembourg and so looking forward to it!


The next country on this trip will be London. It starts with a couple of sessions at JAX London on (Oct 29):

  • Getting Started with WebSocket and Server-Sent Events using Java
  • Java EE 7 Platform: Boosting Productivity and Embracing HTML5

Here are other Red Hat talks at JAX London:

  • OpenShift Primer: Get Your JBoss Into the Cloud
  • Introducing Vert.x 2.0 – Taking Polyglot Application Development to the Next Level

Finally it concludes with a code-driven introduction to Java EE 7 at JAX London Community Night (Oct 29). This talk is at the GlassFish User Group and organized by C2B2 Consulting.

Make sure to register for this free event.

Here is one of my favorite pics from JAX London 2011:

Where will I see you ?