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Silicon Valley Code Camp for Kids 2015 – Submit and Register


Silicon Valley Code Camp is reaching its 10th anniversary this year!

When? Oct 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2015 (Friday through Sunday)
Where? Evergreen Valley College (3095 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, California 95135)
What? Paid workshops on Friday, FREE sessions on Saturday/Sunday, Kids Sunday

What can you do?

  • Register for the event
  • Submit a session for FREE sessions or Kids workshops
  • What kind of sessions can be submitted? 

    Each session is 75 mins long.For adults, look at the existing list of sessions and think about submitting what would make your session unique.

    For kids, any hands-on session would be great. The facility will only provide classroom style seating with power adapters for laptops to be plugged in. The kids typically bring their own laptops. Any software installation instruction on laptop needs to be included in the abstract and will be shared with the attendees.

    Internet is typically unreliable at such facilities. DO NOT rely upon it!

  • How do I sign up as volunteer?

    Make sure to select “Volunteer to Help” checkbox on www.siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Register/IndexStep2. The exact volunteer jobs will be posted closer to the event and you’ll be notified. You’ll need to pick the exact job at that time.

  • How do I sign up my kid for a workshop?

    Each kid require a parent/guardian to sign up. Parents need to stick around for the entire duration of the event.

    The kid signs up for the entire day and then can signup for a particular workshop once the schedule is available. Each kid registration requires to pay $50. This mostly goes towards logistics of the kids event.

    Make sure to register a parent/guardian first as that will be needed during kid’s registration.

  • When will kids workshop and schedule be available?
    In the next few days!

Any other questions? Ask them at service2015@siliconvalley-codecamp.com or ask here.

Introduce Java Programming to Kids – JavaOne 2013 Session

Oracle has released a new batch of JavaOne 2013 sessions. I gave several sessions and couple of them were released in the first batch. And this batch released the session I gave with Jim Weaver on Introduce Java Programming to Kids.

The recording is now available on parleys:

Learn from our experience of using Scratch, Greenfoot, Alice, JavaFX, Minecraft, and a bunch of other tools. You should also check out Devoxx4Kids effort which provide a wide range of materials and allow you to be a “cool mom” or a “cool dad” :-)

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