Testable Java EE 7 Maven Archetype, using Arquillian (Tech Tip #34)

There is a Maven archetype to create Java EE 7 application:

It generates a simple “pom.xml” with Java EE 7 API <dependency>. It does the job to get started with building the application. But how do you test this app ?

Of course, you write unit and integration tests. But how do you run these tests, especially in a container-independent manner ?

That’s where Arquillian comes in!

Arquillian guides explain how to write real tests, but you still need to figure out Maven dependencies, create profiles, figure out container dependencies, and more. That’s still too much work :)

Meet a new Maven archetype that generates a Java EE 7 app, with profiles pre-configured for WildFly and GlassFish.

The four profiles are:

  1. wildfly-remote-arquillian
  2. wildfly-managed-arquillian
  3. glassfish-remote-arquillian
  4. glassfish-embedded-arquillian

The first profile is the most natural to start with. It requires to download WildFly 8.1, unzip and start using ./bin/standalone.sh. Then you can run the test as:

to see the result as:

This is useful if tests need to be executed multiple times on the same WildFly instance.

The second profile is the easiest to start with, and does not require any manual downloading. Using the profile downloads WildFly (8.0.0 at this time) to Maven repository, installs it in the “target” directory, starts the server, deploys the WAR file, runs the test, and stops the server.

“glassfish-remote-arquillian” profile is like “wildfly-remote-arquillian” where an instance of GlassFish is started externally and tests are run in the usual manner. This profile does not work at this moment because of ARQ-1596.

“glassfish-embedded-arquillian” is like “wildfly-managed-arquillian” where GlassFish container is downloaded transparently using the Maven dependencies, starts the container, deploys the app, runs the test, and stops the container.

Archetype source code is at: github.com/javaee-samples/javaee7-archetypes/tree/master/javaee7-archetype and the archetype is published at search.maven.org/#search%7Cga%7C1%7Cjavaee7-arquillian-archetype.

Many thanks to @aslakknutsen for publishing this archetype!

A complete working sample can be checked out from github.com/arun-gupta/wildfly-samples/tree/master/arquillian.

Let us know if you find this useful and how would you use it.

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