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February 26, 2010

Oracle GlassFish Server 3 – New Datasheet available

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Oracle announced a new datasheet for "Oracle GlassFish Server 3", yep no "v"!

Here are some key points from the datasheet:


  • Light weight and flexibility, with fast startup of only those services required by deployed applications
  • Support available from Oracle’s world-class services organization
  • Easy-to-use administration console and command-line tool
  • Microsoft .NET interoperability
  • Compatibility with the Java EE 6 and Java EE 6 Web Profile, improving application portability and developer productivity
  • Tomcat developers’ ability to begin with the more capable Java EE 6 Web Profile and then grow to a more feature-rich, standardized platform as needed, using only the resources necessary

. . .

Oracle GlassFish Server is the world’s first implementation of the  Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 specification. Built with the open source GlassFish Project reference implementation, Oracle GlassFish Server is a flexible, lightweight, and extensible Java EE 6–compatible server. Completely supported for commercial  deployment and available standalone or packaged with other Oracle Fusion Middleware offerings, Oracle GlassFish Server delivers a small-footprint, fully featured Java EE application server.

. . .

Oracle GlassFish Server is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware application grid portfolio and is ideally suited for applications requiring lightweight infrastructure with the most up-to-date implementation of enterprise Java, Java EE 6, and Java Web services. Oracle GlassFish Server complements Oracle WebLogic Server, which is designed to run the broader portfolio of Oracle Fusion Middleware and large-scale enterprise applications.

. . .

Please visit or call +1.800.786.0404 to speak to an Oracle representative.

Lot more details in the datasheet, download now! More details about Oracle GlassFish Server are on A Java EE 6 whitepaper is also available on

Additionally, you can watch the webcast on GlassFish Strategy by Oracle or attend a Oracle+Sun welcome event in a city near you.

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