Database Migrations in Java EE using Flyway (Hanginar #6)

flyway-logoDatabase schema of any Java EE application evolves along with business logic. This makes database migrations an important of any Java EE application.

Do you still perform them manually, along with your application deployment? Is it still a lock step process or run as two separate scripts – one for application deployment and one for database migrations?

Learn how Flyway simplifies database migrations, and seamlessly integrates with your Java EE application in this webinar with Axel Fontaine (@axelfontaine).

You’ll learn about:

  • Need for database migration tool in a Java EE application
  • Seamless integration with Java EE application lifecycle
  • SQL scripts and Java-based migrations
  • Getting Started guides
  • Comparison with Liquibase
  • And much more!

A fun fact about this, and jOOQ hanginar, is that both were conceived on the wonderful cruise as part of JourneyZone. Happy to report that these are now complete!


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