NetBeans 8 and WildFly 8 Screencasts (Tech Tip #18)

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Enjoy the short screencast on how to get started with WildFly 8 in NetBeans 8:

Emmanuel Hugonet (@ehsavoie) created the NetBeans plugin and maintains it. He also created a quick video that shows how to:

  • Configure and start WildFly 8 server
  • Run a Java EE 7 WebSocket sample on WildFly
  • Choose Maven profile to run tests
  • Type of resources shown by the plugin


File the bugs here (use “WildFly” component).

Don’t forget a ton of Java EE 7 samples are available at

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15 thoughts on “NetBeans 8 and WildFly 8 Screencasts (Tech Tip #18)

  1. I would think that the Java EE 7 samples should have a link from the Wildfly documentation. It would make it much easier for the average Wildfly developer to find it.

  2. The plugin (1.0.14) doesn’t seem to work with Netbeans 8 (Build 201403101706 ). It’s throwing a null pointer exception behind the scenes. This is on a MacOSX.

    Anyone know of a work around?

    at org.netbeans.modules.javaee.wildfly.ide.ui.WildflyPluginUtils$Version.compareToIgnoreUpdate(
    at org.netbeans.modules.javaee.wildfly.ide.ui.WildflyPluginUtils$Version.compareTo(

  3. Is it during installation ? deployment ? Can you file a bug at ?

  4. Hi arungupta,

    I encounter the same issue than Mark.

    I tried to install, uninstall, reinstall the plugin but the bug still occurs when setting WildFly as a server, pressing Next, and the exception is thrown.

    I filed the issue in bugzilla as did already 6 other people.

  5. @Mark: looks like

    1. installed wildfly application server plugin 1.0.14
    2. tried to add a Wildfly Server via Services=>Servers
    => result: NullPointerException

  6. Hi,
    I don’t know how to reproduce this issue but the current dev code should be avoiding it.
    I don’t want to release a 1.0.15 version without prior confirmation. Could you get in touch with me throught the tracker to check this ?

  7. Hi Emmanuel,

    does the information uploaded at help you?

  8. Plugin had worked for me as good as JBoss plugin comming with netbeans.
    It means I can deploy and start an maven web project with JBoss /Wildfly but therea are no hotdeployment support in them (no reloading for method implementations) only complete redeployment of the whole project.
    I’m working on a maven project with 12 subprojects and > 100.000 classes.
    So I have wait some time for redeployment of the whole project and I loose my session state every time I make small change in method implementation.
    It is only reason for me not to use Netbeans but JBoss Tools or Idea instead…

  9. Method implementation changes can be taken into account throught JPDA so as long as you are in debug mode you’re ok with it.
    As for session sate this is just a wildfly configuration change that was there per default in CR1 and was removed afterwards. I’ll create an enhancement for it.

  10. Hello everybody,

    Is there any possibility of performing HOT DEPLOY an application with NetBeans 8.0.2 running on Wildfly 8? I need to change nbaction.xml file? Any changes in the pom.xml file? Look, I get that this environment is already performing the AUTO-DEPLOY, but what I need is a HOT DEPLOY.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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