WildFly plugin integrated in NetBeans (Tech Tip #31)

WildFly tooling is available in JBoss Developer Studio (Eclipse), NetBeans, and IntelliJ. While JBoss Developer Studio and IntelliJ provided in-built support for WildFly, and an extra plugin had to be installed for NetBeans. Not a big deal but NetBeans is more known for a seamless out-of-the-box experience. Starting with today’s nightly, WildFly community is a step closer to that now!

This means if you download the latest NetBeans nightly, WildFly plugin is now integrated in NetBeans. You still need to download WildFly and configure it though.


Tech Tip #18 shows screencasts on how to do Java EE 7 development with NetBeans.

Many thanks to Emmanuel Hugonet (@ehsavoie) for providing the plugin and NetBeans team for guiding through the process.

I’d like to have a NetBeans co-bundle with WildFly for a complete seamless experience. Would you ?

When you think of Java EE 7, think about WildFly. That is the only open source application server that will be commercially supported with JBoss EAP!

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