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Couchbase Cloud Recipes – Pick your favorite!

Couchbase 4.x Quick Installation provide instructions to install Couchbase on your local machine.

Would you like to run Couchbase 4.x in cloud? There are plenty of recipes available!

Couchbase Cloud Recipes

Looking for detailed instructions on Couchbase Cloud Recipes?

  • Digital Ocean
  • Jelastic
  • OpenShift
  • Docker
  • BigStep
  • Vagrant
  • Kubernetes
  • Joyent Triton
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • CoreOS and Kubernetes

Read more about it in Couchbase Cloud Deployments. Are there any other cloud/hosting solution where you you would like to see Couchbase running? Did I miss one where Couchbase already runs?

How is your experience of running Couchbase in the cloud?

Couchbase partners provide a complete list of partners.

As always, talk to us using StackOverflow or Forums.