Create WildFly OpenShift application using Command Line Tools (Tech Tip #52)

A new instance of WildFly can be easily provisioned on OpenShift by using the quick start. Just a single click, and you are ready to go!

Generally power users of OpenShift use Command Line Tools. However you could not create WildFly cartridge using the CLI tools. But bug# 1134134 is now resolved.

And so now rhc cartridge-list shows:

The newly added cartridge of WildFly 8 is shown in bold.

And so now a new WildFly instance can be easily provisioned using the CLI as:

And then the application’s main page is accessible as shown:


And the application can be deleted as:

Simple, isn’t it ?

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4 thoughts on “Create WildFly OpenShift application using Command Line Tools (Tech Tip #52)

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  3. Getting started with WildFly – guides for students at and Command Line Tools menu tutorials. Examples on how to create a new WildFly tool. Taken from Katakoda – Java processing samples.

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