JavaOne4Kids 2015 Wrapup – Devoxx4Kids and Oracle Academy Together!

JavaOne4Kids is focused on promoting technology to next generation of developers; kids who want to learn more about programming, robotics and engineering.

Oracle Academy collaborated with Devoxx4Kids to bring kids content that includes several topics like Minecraft Modding, Java, Python, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NAO robot, LEGO Mindstorms, Greenfoot, Alice, and others at JavaOne 2015.

The attendance grew 3x from last year and it was certainly very heartening to see that!

If you live in/around San Francisco Bay Area, and want a more continued experience through out the year, then its highly recommend to join!

Here are some statistics from the event:


A survey was sent to the attendees and some of them responded back. 95% of responses rated were happy with the event:


90%+ would recommend JavaOne4Kids to a friend:


Instructors seem to have done a good job with 97% presenting in good, very good, and excellent way:


Minecraft Modding continues to be the top rated workshop:


Here are some pictures from the event:

 Oracle Oracle
 Oracle Oracle
 Oracle Oracle

Check out the complete album:

JavaOne4Kids 2015 Album

Picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million words. Check out kids in action from the event, and then subsequently in JavaOne Community Keynote:

It takes a village to run an event like this. This was certainly not possible without the impeccable support from Oracle team, instructors, and volunteers who helped us through out the event!

Do we expect these kids to come back to again next year? Yes, absolutely!

At least, 88% of them want to come back :)


Don’t forget to join the local for local events in Bay Area.

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