WildFly 8, Java EE 7, and Eclipse/JBoss Developer Studio Screencast (Tech Tip #20)

JBoss Developer Studio provide comprehensive tooling around Java EE, HTML5, Mobile, and many other technologies needed for modern web application development.

This short screencast shows you how to configure WildFly 8 in JBoss Developer Studio 7.1.1 and build/deploy a simple Java EE 7 application to it. Please note, that this would work if you installed Eclipse + JBoss Tools separately as well.


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3 thoughts on “WildFly 8, Java EE 7, and Eclipse/JBoss Developer Studio Screencast (Tech Tip #20)

  1. This approach also works with Wildfly 8.1 CR except that you need to download the install from http://wildfly.org/downloads, install it yourself, and then point to the 8.1 install during the Wildfly 8.0 server add process in JBoss Developer Studio. I also found it helpful to run the add-user script in the Wildfly bin directory to add the admin user before adding the new server to JBDS (which asks for the admin ID and password during the add server process).

  2. If you run locally you do not need to specify userne/password nor run add user.

    Only if you use the web console will you need the password access.

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