Red Hat Technologies and Products

Enjoying the new hire orientation at Red Hat and learning more about the company. Here is something for you to learn …

Red Hat’s Mission: To be the catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, and partners creating better technology the open source way.

Red Hat has products in five main areas. Each area has an open source offering and a corresponding commercially supported offering.

Product Area Open Source Commercial
Operating System
(biggest corporate committer)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
(Relationship between Fedora and RHEL)
Middleware JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Virtualization Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Cloud and  (biggest corporate contributor) OpenShift Online (Public PaaS) and OpenShift Enterprise (Private PaaS)
Storage Red Hat Storage Server

Open source offerings are much more agile allowing to respond to the rapidly changing needs in the industry. This allows customers to innovate and deliver solutions in a much more cost-effective way. Commercial support provides the reliability, stability, and confidence for mission-critical applications.

And in addition, there are Solutions, Support, Training, and Consulting.

Every thing at Red Hat is done The Open Source Way. Its not just another tool in the quiver, it is very much in DNA of the company. The mission statement of the company was adjusted a few years ago to match that. The company believes that open source simply creates better software.

Unlock yourself from the proprietary software and say YES to only Open Source.

RedHat is among the top 25 tech companies to work for in 2013. Find your passion and join me to be a Red Hatter.

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2 Responses to Red Hat Technologies and Products

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  2. Gossmann Gábor says:

    Dear Mr. Arun Gupta,
    for using linux it will be the best, when we have a “Linux shell Brainwave” book.
    In Linux word you have power to lobby it.
    Gabor Gossmann
    PS.: I want work with JSON or Java EE adviser with Websocket with time. I gave CV to Oracle it can be the first step to get a IT Helpdesk or else job (most with a study with a hungarian JUG (to learn EE)).

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