IBM WebSphere Liberty Core 8.5.5 vs Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2

Here is an excellent video comparing IBM WebSphere Liberty Core 8.5.5 with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2:

Even though its a short video but the summary is shown in snapshot captured from the video:


A complete TCO analysis on JBoss EAP vs IBM WebSphere is available here. A quick summary from the paper is:

We compared these products as objectively as possible, utilizing people that were expert in each, and concluded that JBoss EAP is the clear winner over WebSphere AS ND with a 50.91% lower TCO, easier application development characteristics, noteworthy operational ease-of-use advantages, and a smaller footprint.

And another detailed comparison is here.


Download Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2 today and take the red pill!

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8 Responses to IBM WebSphere Liberty Core 8.5.5 vs Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2

  1. Beikov Christian says:

    Thank you for this content. I am writing my diploma thesis about migrating enterprise applications in the Java EE area and I also want to show the differences of the major server providers. In addition to that, I will also try to actually migrate a real enterprise application from WebSphere AS to JBoss EAP(I already consider it the winner in my comparison).

    Do you think you can provide me with more resources that I use for that paper?

  2. arungupta says:


    You can also look at that shows how to migrate applications from GlassFish to WildFly.

    Also look at WindRide that assists in migrating JBoss EAP 5, AS 5, or AS 6 server configuration to JBoss EAP 6, AS7, or WildFly 8. The tool analyzes the server configuration files, produces a Windup style HTML report highlighting areas that require changes, and performs the migration.

    Windup is a tool to simplify Java ® application migrations

    Read more information at:

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  4. Beikov Christian says:

    Thank you, I already knew about Windup and I will definitely include that in my thesis. Unfortunately the hard part of my actual application migration won’t be related to configuration but with the migration of EJB 1.x parts :(
    I guess there is no tool you know about that helps me with that? I am already considering writing such a tool myself because I couldn’t find something satisfying yet.

  5. Arun Gupta says:

    EJB 1.x is QUITE old :-) I doubt you’ll find any tools to help you migrate from that version so writing one would be useful. Think about how many people would need such a tool though.

  6. Roman Kharkovski says:

    Free J2EE/JEE migration plugin for Eclipse and migration methodology are described in this blog post:

  7. Beikov Christian says:

    Where does it mention that plugin? This is only about migrating from WLS to WAS…

  8. Roman Kharkovski says:

    Christian, the migration plugin download and instructions are posted here:

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