Java EE Samples Github Organization: Java EE 7 Samples and Hands-on Lab already moved

After 737 commits, 15 contributors, 134 tests, its time for to move to Similarly Java EE 7 hands-on lab is also moved from to


Java EE samples organization is a new GitHub organization, instead of a personal repo, and will provide a common ground for everybody in the community to contribute.

Moving these two repos to an organization opens up room for growth. If you have any Java EE 6/7 samples, tests, applications, hands-on lab or any other guides then feel free to transfer/create a new repository and contribute. This new organization would provide a common ground for all app server vendors like Red Hat, Oracle, IBM and Tomitribe to contribute. Independent consultants and every body else is welcome to contribute content too.

This will be a new central location for all samples around Java EE – truly showing the power of Community Powered Innovation!

Ready to contribute ?

  • Arquillian Hackergarten provide instructions on how to contribute unit tests to Java EE 7 Samples. WildFly and GlassFish CI jobs polls the workspace every 15 minutes.
  • Convert Java EE 7 hands-on lab to AsciiDoc by assigning an issue to yourself.

This will be one organization to rule them all :-)

Thanks to Aslak Knutsen, the Arquillian man, for the nudge!

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