NetBeans 8 and WildFly 8 Screencasts (Tech Tip #18)

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Enjoy the short screencast on how to get started with WildFly 8 in NetBeans 8:

Emmanuel Hugonet (@ehsavoie) created the NetBeans plugin and maintains it. He also created a quick video that shows how to:

  • Configure and start WildFly 8 server
  • Run a Java EE 7 WebSocket sample on WildFly
  • Choose Maven profile to run tests
  • Type of resources shown by the plugin


File the bugs here (use “WildFly” component).

Don’t forget a ton of Java EE 7 samples are available at

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12 Responses to NetBeans 8 and WildFly 8 Screencasts (Tech Tip #18)

  1. Adil says:

    I would think that the Java EE 7 samples should have a link from the Wildfly documentation. It would make it much easier for the average Wildfly developer to find it.

  2. Guillaume Radde says:

    Glad to see some WildFly Support in NetBeans!

  3. Mark says:

    The plugin (1.0.14) doesn’t seem to work with Netbeans 8 (Build 201403101706 ). It’s throwing a null pointer exception behind the scenes. This is on a MacOSX.

    Anyone know of a work around?

    at org.netbeans.modules.javaee.wildfly.ide.ui.WildflyPluginUtils$Version.compareToIgnoreUpdate(
    at org.netbeans.modules.javaee.wildfly.ide.ui.WildflyPluginUtils$Version.compareTo(

  4. arungupta says:

    Is it during installation ? deployment ? Can you file a bug at ?

  5. Adriano Labate says:

    Hi arungupta,

    I encounter the same issue than Mark.

    I tried to install, uninstall, reinstall the plugin but the bug still occurs when setting WildFly as a server, pressing Next, and the exception is thrown.

    I filed the issue in bugzilla as did already 6 other people.

  6. arungupta says:

    I’ve asked Emmanuel (plugin developer) to take a look at, he’ll get back on it.

  7. Dirk says:

    @Mark: looks like

    1. installed wildfly application server plugin 1.0.14
    2. tried to add a Wildfly Server via Services=>Servers
    => result: NullPointerException

  8. Emmanuel says:

    I don’t know how to reproduce this issue but the current dev code should be avoiding it.
    I don’t want to release a 1.0.15 version without prior confirmation. Could you get in touch with me throught the tracker to check this ?

  9. Dirk says:

    Hi Emmanuel,

    does the information uploaded at help you?

  10. Roman says:

    Plugin had worked for me as good as JBoss plugin comming with netbeans.
    It means I can deploy and start an maven web project with JBoss /Wildfly but therea are no hotdeployment support in them (no reloading for method implementations) only complete redeployment of the whole project.
    I’m working on a maven project with 12 subprojects and > 100.000 classes.
    So I have wait some time for redeployment of the whole project and I loose my session state every time I make small change in method implementation.
    It is only reason for me not to use Netbeans but JBoss Tools or Idea instead…

  11. Emmanuel says:

    Method implementation changes can be taken into account throught JPDA so as long as you are in debug mode you’re ok with it.
    As for session sate this is just a wildfly configuration change that was there per default in CR1 and was removed afterwards. I’ll create an enhancement for it.

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